VRT-311S Broadband VPN Router

VRT-311S Broadband VPN Router

With the growth of the Internet, malicious attacks are happening every minute, and intruders are trying to access your network, using expensive resources and threatening enterprise network security. PLANET Technology is now offering users a cost effective, worry-free solution --- the PLANET VRT-311S, a cost-effective, highly integrated VPN solution combining high-speed, industry-leading routing technology with a comprehensive suite of advanced, VPN Pass-through, client-to-VPN gateway, LAN-to-LAN VPN solutions. With the built-in connection wizard (DHCP, Fixed IP, PPPoE, PPTP, SingTel RAS, Telstra Big Pond) VPN support (IPSec standards, including IKE and certificates) and Microsoft VPN support, the PLANET VRT-311S is able to use most connection types, and meet the most demanding security requirements. For overall network security, the VRT-311S integrates user access control and policy based controls plus SPI firewall protection, offering high efficiency and extensive protection for your network. With easy integration and full compatibility with existing network infrastructures, the PLANET VRT-311S comprises a 3-port auto-sensing, auto-MDI/MDI-X 10/100Mbps switch, and a standard 10/100Base-TX WAN port providing Internet access for both Servers and LAN side workstations. Utilizing 56-bit DES, 168-bit 3DES and AES encryption, header authentication, and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) access control, full IPSec VPN (virtual Private Network) capability of VRT-311S provides complete data security and privacy for access and exchange of sensitive data. The Config and VPN wizards in PLANET VRT-311S offer the convenience and flexibility to make fast and simple secure network connections. Product Positioning Ease of use VPN and Internet access: The VRT-311S VPN connectivity supports VPN Pass-through, client-to-VPN gateway and VPN LAN-to-LAN connections. Using these connection capabilities, mobile workers may attach to and access LAN resources from the public Internet while they are working at home or at branches abroad. The NAT and router capabilities provide full connection sharing abilities. Multiple use of LAN to LAN/WAN access: Multiple VPN tunnels are supported, allowing a widespread multi-node corporate network. All corporate offices can deploy a VRT-311S and establish secure connection with headquarters and share resources and information through the Internet in a safe and secure way.

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