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3COM 3C629 ISA Token Ring NIC[SKU - 22]

3COM 3C629 ISA Token Ring NIC

3COM 3C629 ISA Token Ring NIC[SKU - 22]

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TokenLink III 16/4 ISA Token Ring Adapter

  • This adapter offers bandwidth and flexibility by supporting both 4- and 16-Mbps data rates over shielded and unshielded twisted-pair wiring without requiring an external media filter.
  • The adapter can be configured automatically with the automatic configuration utility or manually with the 3C619C software. There are no DIP switches to set.
  • The adapter also provides full EISA configuration support. 
  • Automatic adapter configuration
  • nCompliance with IEEE 802.5 standards
  • 100% IBM compatibility
  • Full duplex enabled
  • Standard universal Boot PROM
  • The TokenDisk??diskette is supplied with the adapter. It includes the AutoLink??auto installation program, the Configuration and Diagnostic Program, drivers, and driver agents for Transcend??PC Link SmartAgent??software.
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