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8 Slot Rack for Modems[SKU - 37]

8 Slot Rack for Modems

8 Slot Rack for Modems[SKU - 37]

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This equipment is designed for high density packaging of DCB modems and multiplexers. The MR-8 modem rack will work with any LL or PL series modems and the DL DSU/CSU at rates from 4.8 to 56 Kbps. The XR-8 multiplexer rack works with any SPL, SR or SRX multiplexer. SPL rack cards from 2-6 channels occupy one of the eight slots available in the rack. SPL rack cards from 8-14 channels occupy two slots, SR and SRX 8/16 rack cards occupy one slot and SR and SRX 24/32 cards occupy two slots.

The DCB Rack is also suitable for use with:
DCB SecureDial 1-4 Channel
DCB SPL Hubs 2-10 Channel
DCB Access Switch
DCB Universal Switch
The DCB rack systems greatly simplifies wiring and test procedures as well as giving you a convenient place for spare equipment. The racks and power supplies are engineered to fit the standard 19" equipment cabinets.

The DCB RK-8/16 is used for rack mounting a single DSU, modem, 8/16 port multiplexer, or 8/16 port access switch. The DCB RK-24/32 is used for rack mounting a single 24/32 port multiplexer or access switch. The DCB RK-APS3 is used for rack mounting up to three APS-01 power control switches.

Transmit Data
Receive Data
Carrier Detect
Request To Send
Clear To Send
Transmit Condition
Receive Error
All Bezel Mounts are 1U high for 19" racks
L1 20 Slot RackChassis

Dimensions: 19"W x 16"D x 7"H
Power Supply Included
MR-8 and XR-8
19"w x 10 1/2"h x 10"d
No Power Supply Included (Uses the PS-8)
19"w x 3 1/2"h x 10"d
120 VAC, 2.4 Amps, 275 Watts

Rear view of DCB PS-8

MR-8 Rack for PL modem, LL modem, and DL-56 DSU/CSU
XR-8 Rack for SPL & SR, SMD
9902099 Rack mount for 8/16 port unit
9902098 Use Rack mount # 9902099
DCB-L1 20 Slot chassis for Link1, 202T, T-extender
990290 DIN mount clip set for EtherSeries -R Products
6504020 DIN mount clips for Various Products
9902096 Rack mount Bezel for 1 T-Extender1 or modem units
9902095 Rack mount Shelf for 3@ T-Extender, Modems, APS-01 units
9902094 Rack mount Shelf for 4 @ IP-6600, ET-6600 units
9902091 Rack mount Shelf for 4@ 1-port EtherSeries -R products
9902091 Rack mount Shelf for 3@ 2-port EtherSeries -R products
PS-8 Power supply for MR and XR racks
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