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GRT-101[SKU - 1624]


GRT-101[SKU - 1624]

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PLANET's G.SHDSL bridge/router, the GRT-101, provides an SHDSL (Symmetric High-speed Digital Subscriber Line) network interface ranging from 192Kbps to 2.304Mbps payload rates. It is designed both to optimize the service bit rate from the Central Office to Customer Premises Equipments, and to integrate high-end bridging and routing capabilities. The GRT-101 allows customers to leverage the latest broadband technologies to meet their growing data communication needs beyond the limitations of ADSL and cable modem technologies.

At 2.304Mbps, the GRT-101's bandwidth is greater than T1's 1.5Mbps. By using standard phone wire as a connection medium, its installation and equipment cost is typically less than T1 or Frame Relay. The GRT-101 also integrates bridging and routing support for LAN-to-LAN connection. Two GRT-101's can be connected together at a distance of up to 6.7km (4.2 miles) using phone wire, eliminating the need for leased line modems and expensive V.35 Cisco routers. Now two offices can be connected for inter-LAN communication using just one telephone pair and two GRT-101's.
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