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HDVR-1600 16-Ch Hybrid Digital Video Recorder[SKU - 1680]

HDVR-1600 16-Ch Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

HDVR-1600 16-Ch Hybrid Digital Video Recorder[SKU - 1680]

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The existing traditional CCTV surveillance system is gradually upgraded to packet switching TCP/IP network as the broadband communication becomes more and more popular. To efficiently build the surveillance system with the existing analog cameras and IP cameras, PLANET provides the best Hybrid DVR solution, HDVR-1600, which supports both analog cameras and IP cameras, and can act as a pure NVR to obtain the video signal from up to 8 IP cameras.

The HDVR-1600 is a professional security device providing video data recording, remote surveillance over a secured IP network and viewing / recording / playback at the same time in the full-time security application. The HDVR-1600 supports total recording frame rates to 60 fps (NTSC) at H.264 @ D1 format. The users could install the extension card to expand it up to 120 (HDVR-M15) or 480 (HDVR-M30) fps at H.264 @ D1 format. Moreover, the remote software Central Management Software (CMS) is applied with the HDVR-1600 to offer distant accessibility for remote system control.

The HDVR-1600 also supports USB keyboard and mouse to bring users much easier operation. For various surveillance applications via RS-485 interface, the HDVR-1600 has integrated with the control keyboard feature to provide a convenient control interface. By the control keyboard installed, the surveillance administrator can control not only the HDVR-1600 but most types of PTZ cameras. With integrated alarm I/O, the HDVR-1600 can detect record and ring a siren. It can also do motion detection / schedule recording to complete surveillance plans. Furthermore, the HDVR-1600 supports hardware Watch-Dog function to monitor the DVR status and provides automatic restart function to prevent the system hangs when the system is detected unstable.

Securing the content stored on hard-disk of the digital video recorder systems and providing conditional access to stored content management, PLANET HDVR-1600 Hybrid Digital Video Recorder offers a perfect solution for both security professionals and business owners who require the unparalleled flexibility and reliability in IP surveillance fields.
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