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Serial IP Redirector 4 port license[SKU - 2030]

Serial IP Redirector 4 port license

Serial IP Redirector 4 port license[SKU - 2030]

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The EtherPathX4 is a four port serial server for Ethernet LAN's. The EtherPathX4 connects any async serial device through a LAN and between LAN's via routers. The EtherPathX4 will also connect other serial devices, such as remote data collection terminals, SCADA RTU/Host systems, UPS's, bar code scanners, alarms, access control, timeclocks, climate control devices, and serial management ports directly to an Ethernet network.

The EtherPathX4 supports TCP/IP protocol, allowing the necessary data connection across networks as well as connections between hosts on a network and the device attached to the EtherPathX4 server.

The EtherPathX4 supports serial interface speeds up to 230 Kbps. The EtherPathX4 can automatically open connections when it powers up, eliminating the need for a manual request. Modem controls (RTS/CTS) and Xon/Xoff are also supported. If the connection is lost, the EtherPathX4 will automatically reconnect when the LAN path is again available.

The EtherPathX4 can be managed directly through the server's physical port as well as remotely from other network locations. Remote configuration is supported using a web browser, telnet connection, or direct connection. SNMP monitoring is supported.

You can telnet to the EtherPathX4, making the EtherPathX4 a remote serial port for a PC or a workstation. This makes the EtherPathX4 an ideal remote access device for controlling remote devices with serial control ports.



  • Modes Supported:
    • Nailed-Up Client/Server (transparent RS-232 connection upon power-up)
    • Telnet Server (any port) (or Raw TCP/IP sockets)
    • Telnet Client (any port), Reverse Telnet
    • EtherModem (point-to-multiple point)
    • Note: All serial ports share the same IP address using different IP port numbers
  • Configuration Methods:
    • Any Web Browser
    • Telnet Menu Interface
    • Direct Connection Menu Interface
  • Ports:
    • 4 - RS-232 serial ports, RJ45 RS561 interface or
    • 1-RS422(4-wire) and 3 - RS232 Serial ports
    • Serial speeds from 300 bps to 230,000 bps
    • RJ45 10/100BaseT Ethernett, autoselected
  • EtherModem technology, treat it like an "ethernet modem" with AT dial strings, etc.
  • SNMP agent functionality included (Link to MIB here )
  • Transport protocol is routable TCP/IP
  • Set up via web browser, telnet command line interface or the serial port
  • Works through any TCP/IP link... satellite, ISP, routers, wireless, broadband, etc.
  • Supports forced connections, required for connecting DCB multiplexers via LANs and routers


Front Panel Serial Port Activity LED
Rear Panel LAN Activity LED
Rear Panel>LAN Status LED


Press button to select configuration mode


  • 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/4"
  • 1 lb
  • 9-12 volt DC powered by external 120VAC power supply
  • 220 VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 125VDC and other power options available
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +70C with DC power supplies. -40 to +50C with 110VAC power supply. Optional AC power supplies available with extended temperature range.

Application Drawings




Application Notes

These applications notes illustrate real-world applications of the EtherPath and help you apply the unit to solve your data communication problem.
Port Redirection and the EtherPath
"Using the EtherPath with Unix and PC Port Redirection" is an article that discusses the options available when using port redirection software and custom-written software to access remote serial ports with the EtherPath serial device server. Sources of sample programs and free port redirector software are provided.Read the article!
Embedded Server Technology to Connect RS232 Devices
"Globally Serial: Extending the Reach of your Serial Devices Around the World" is an article that recently apeared in information technology trade journals. This article discusses the use of DCB's EtherPath external device servers and how they are used to connect RS-232 serial devices using a wide area ethernet network. Read the article!

SS-4 EtherPathX4® Four Port Ethernet Serial Server (w/ 120VAC power supply)
SI-1 Serial/IP Port Redirector Software for Windows
SINGLE PORT VERSION (Price when purchased with EtherPath)
SI-4 Serial/IP Port Redirector Software for Windows
FOUR PORT VERSION (Price when purchased with EtherPath)
SS4-12VDC 9-18 VDC external power supply option
SS4-24VDC 18-36 VDC input external power supply option
SS4-48VDC 36-72 VDC external power supply option
SSR-125VDC 125 VDC external power supply option
9902090 Optional DIN rail mounting clips

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